A screenshot of the JD Supra Docs application on GJEL's Facebook pageThe internet is making it easier and easier to find, share and acquire information—both useful and otherwise. Communities crop up around industries and passions, and the legal profession is no exception.

JD Supra is one of the leading hubs of legal information for lawyers and business people who are looking for high quality advice and information. We’ve been using the site for about the last nine months to stay informed about what law firms like ours are publishing all around the country. This week, we’ve increased our role in that community by adding the JD Supra Doc application to our GJEL Facebook page.

This application will be a repository for our contributions to the network of professionals that use JD Supra’s high quality store of content. Check back in the coming weeks as we continue to bolster the section, which will include everything from guides for lawyers handling large personal injury cases to information on how parents can help make teen drivers safer.

The law should be accessible to everyone. JD Supra’s technology will make finding smart thoughts on legal issues increasingly available and accessible.