Van Gogh Bicycle Path (Photo via: Studio Roosegaarde)

Van Gogh Bicycle Path (Photo via: Studio Roosegaarde)

We’ve already written about the broad appeal of cycle tracks and Copenhagen’s sustainable bike superhighway, but this time it’s the self proclaimed “bike capital of the world” making headlines for an art installation that beautifully blends fashion and function.

A new one-kilometer bike lane near Eindhoven in the Netherlands features 50,000 fluorescent “rocks” carefully embedded into a pattern reminiscent of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. The installation was designed by Daan Roosegaarde, whose previous work has included illuminating 15,000 feet of Highway and a permanent interactive landscape situated alongside the Maas River in Rotterdam.

Using a luminescent material that charges during the day and glows at night, The Van Gogh-Rooosegaarde bike path evokes a feeling of wonder which Roosegaarde describes as, “like biking through a fairy tale.” The video clip below shows what the path looks like while being ridden at night.

We’ll assume the cyclists in the video opted to forego reflective gear solely for artistic purposes, and instead focus on the uniquely colorful night time ride. The unconventional bike path has already drawn interest from other countries, with Wired reporting Roosegaarde has plans to use the same technology in Japan, this time drawing inspiration from the lines in zen gardens.

While it’s not immediately clear whether the artistically lit trail has any additional safety benefits, one would think that anything drawing more attention to the bike path would probably be a good thing. Additionally, the media attention surrounding the path’s recent completion should inspire locals to come see it for themselves.

Roosegaarde says, “Some people will come because they’re interested in safety and energy-friendly landscapes, others will come because they want to experience art and science.” Either way, that’s more people riding bikes, and that’s something to get excited about.


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