Aug 22 by Ralph L. Jacobson

Problems With Wrongful Death Cases

When considering representation and suit as to a client’s losses arising from wrongful death in California, there are several initial issues to explore:  is your client’s relationship to…

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Oct 30 by Ralph L. Jacobson

Wrongful death recovery by divorced parents

This article explores a problem of statutory interpretation that arises in California when divorced parents are entitled to wrongful death recovery for the death of their child: i.e.,…

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Sep 16 by Ralph L. Jacobson

Injured In A Gym? California Gym Injury Attorneys

Joining the gym gives many of us the motivation we need to stay fit. It’s so much easier to exercise surrounded by others doing the same thing — and who knows, you might make a few new friends! But consumers need to be careful while joining health clubs, and make sure all contracts represent their best interests.

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