Even though the best safety gear for urban cyclists is a solid infrastructure, it’s hard to hand out protected bike lanes, bulb outs, or bike boxes for the riders on your shopping list. Thankfully, there are plenty of accessories you can buy for your commuter cyclist friends this holiday season. Here are five gift ideas that can help keep riders out of harm’s way:

Closca – “The foldable, safe helmet”


For commuter cyclists, storing a bike helmet that’s not in use can be a bit cumbersome. This foldable helmet offers a reasonable solution for anyone with the excuse that carrying a helmet around is too much trouble. By simply adjusting the helmet when it’s not being used, riders can flatten it to roughly the size of a textbook and easily store it in a backpack or purse.

Available Here

Cycle Torch Shark 500 Bike Light / Taillight


Anyone who rides at night should have a bike light. This bike light and taillight combo from Cycle Torch is easy to attach, can be recharged via USB, and has a runtime of over two hours on even its highest setting. There are plenty of great bike lights on the market, but with the current discount available through Amazon, this one offers great bang for your buck.

Yakkay – “brainwear for smart people”


Anyone who complains about helmets lacking fashion might be a great candidate for Yakkay’s customizable bike helmets. This Danish company allows cyclists to select helmet covers reflecting their personal style, while also providing a protective shell that adheres to international safety standards. Don’t let the excuse that helmets look silly allow any of your loved ones to bypass basic common sense safety measures.

Available Here

Zackees LED Turn Signal Cycling Gloves


Even with reflective gear on, signaling your intent to surrounding vehicles can be problematic, especially at night. This problem can be solved with cycling gloves that allow riders to activate LED turn signals with a simple hand gesture, clearly indicating upcoming movements to nearby traffic.

Available Here

Shoka Bell – “The Ultimate City Cycling Tool”


This Kickstarter project has already reached its goal of $75,000 and should be available soon. (As of now, the product is expected to ship sometime in March 2017.) The Shoka Bell features eight sounds that can be controlled by the rider and automatically adjusts the volume depending on the surrounding environment. By making sure cyclists are both seen AND heard, you can help riders safely navigate crowded city streets.

Available Here

Jason is a regular contributor to the GJEL Accident Attorneys Blog.