The first question you want to ask yourself is, “Am I going to do this by myself or am I going to hire an attorney?” If you do it by yourself, which sometimes makes sense if it’s a minor injury, you will typically contact the insurance company for the person at fault or they will contact you, and then they will take a recorded statement from you over the phone as to your version of the facts and they will send you some forms to fill out. Sometimes it makes sense to do it this way, if you want to resolve it quickly, if you don’t want any hassle it can be a very good way to go.

On the other hand, if you have a major injury, it’s usually not the best idea to deal directly with the insurance company because what they’re going to require of you are things that could be very hurtful to your case: first of all is giving the recorded statement. You have no obligation to do that, and if you have an attorney – most attorneys including myself will not allow them to have a recorded statement. Then they’re going to ask you to sign forms, and many of those forms give away rights that you don’t want to give away.

What I recommend is you called a skilled plaintiff’s personal injury attorney and just get a free consultation – almost all of us give free consultations, and that will help you think through whether or not you want to represent yourself. You’ve lost nothing and we can usually give you a better sense as to whether your case is one you want to do on your own or you want to hire a lawyer to do it.