A common question is, “How long is my case going to take?” And, another common question asked in conjunction with that: “Is my case going to take longer if I hire a lawyer?”

We are very capable of moving a case very quickly, however there are some instances–if we are talking about a severe injury–where the insurance company is not going to be fair with the injured person unless they are looking at a trial date and a jury and are starting to think, “Boy, this isn’t up to us (the insurance company) anymore. If we don’t resolve this in the next week or two it’s going to be up to a California jury.” And, so what I say in those situations is, your case could take a year, your case could take 4 months. Some cases take as much as two years.

I do find, because we are very selective in the cases we take, that we can make our cases go much more quickly for our clients than most other law firms. We push them hard, we know clients are hurting for money, we know they want resolution. It’s a different answer for every case, and I always encourage people just to call and talk to me or any of the lawyers here and we can let you know how long your case will take – something we can usually tell you right from the beginning.