Yes. Lost wages along with the cost of your medical care and your pain and suffering are the main damage components of a personal injury claim. The way we prove how much you’re entitled to in terms of your lost wages is to work with your medical providers using medical records and narrative reports, depositions if necessary, to explain why it was that the nature of your injuries prevented you from returning to your type of work for as long as it took.

Some people ask whether or not they’re still entitled to recover lost wages if they’ve continued to collect their pay by the use of sick leave or vacation pay. The answer is yes. The person who caused your injuries doesn’t get the benefit of your hard-earned sick leave and vacation pay.

Another question that I typically hear is ‘What happens if I’m returned to a lighter-duty job that doesn’t pay me as much?.’ You’re still entitled to a wage loss claim that will make you recover the full amount you would have earned, both in benefits and wages, if this accident hadn’t happened.

Either way we will make sure you have everything coming to you in terms of a wage loss claim.