Technically, you are supposed to walk your bike in a crosswalk. But even if you are riding your bike in the crosswalk, that is no excuse for a negligent driver to hit you in the crosswalk. And, even if the police officer notes that you were riding your bicycle in the crosswalk that does not mean that you can’t recover for your case. I’ve had many, many clients turned down by other lawyers because the police report places the cause of the accident as riding a bicycle in the crosswalk, but the fact of the matter is that many times the accident would have been identical whether you were walking or riding because someone just blew right through the crosswalk and didn’t see the person. In that case we can make 100 percent recovery for you despite the technical discrepancy.

So, I always advise people: look at the big picture. Look at the whole world of fault and who really caused the accident. My bigger piece of advice is don’t accept the police report at face value. Many times, in fact, the police report is not admissible in court in the case we are doing for you because the police officer wasn’t there at the scene and didn’t see it happen, the police officer only formed an opinion.