Aug 04 by GJEL

How Important is Law School Prestige for Success?

Last month, the blawgosphere was abuzz with news of grade inflation at some of the country’s most elite law schools. Inflating grades retroactively, the mantra went, was little more than a transparent scheme to make the school’s graduates more appealing to future employers. This week, research by two leading law professors indicates that law school GPA is, in fact, a better indicator of how students will fare in the real world than institution prestige.

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Oct 06 by kaitlin

Law Students: Scalia Encourages You to Try Science

You’ve probably heard by now that Supreme Court Justice Scalia thinks that some of our greatest minds are being wasted in the legal profession. I was planning on not covering that particular story, partly because it’s already been widely reported on, and partly because I have long been of the opinion that the minds that…

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