A very common question is: what do I do if I have no health insurance? We can usually help you through that one.

Number one: if you’ve been taken to a local trauma center, you can be sure that the people there–the social worker there–are going to work very hard to get you on something like MediCal. It’s in their interest as well as your interest because they do want to get paid for the service. Also, if you have no health insurance but you have automobile insurance, you very likely have some medical payments provision under your auto medical payments insurance.

And then finally, if all else fails, our office will go ahead and contact the hospital and let them know that you have a viable case and let them know that we’re gonna make a recovery on your behalf and we can usually work something out to reassure them that they’ll get paid at the end, but also let them know that this is the worst time in the world for you to come out of pocket, and it’s not possible. So, it’s a situation that can be dealt with and one we see more and more frequently.