If someone opens a door while you’re riding by on your bicycle, the question becomes, “who’s at fault.” And, in California, as a general rule, it is the fault of the driver who opens the door.

But, it’s only a general rule. For instance, if the bicyclist sees the car pull over, sees the brake lights, and is riding very close to the car as they see the person getting out then a judge or a jury will probably say it’s the bicycle rider’s fault. On the other hand, if the car has been pulled over for a while, there are no brake lights and a person suddenly flings their door open, it will typically be held the fault of the owner of the car.

We’ve handled a number of cases of bicyclists getting doored, and it’s a field where we can help you think through–at no charge to you–whether or not you have a case where we can do you some good.