A question that we get at least once a month is, “What do I do if I was in an automobile accident and I was uninsured?” And, this is a very significant problem.

First of all it’s illegal to drive in California if you’re uninsured, and secondly, if the other person is at fault for the accident, your damages that you can recover are severely limited due to the fact that you’re uninsured.

There are occasionally exceptions and I’m always happy to discuss those cases with you, but as a general rule if you are uninsured you are probably going to have a hard time having a workable case. The other issue to look at is, are you really 100 percent sure you’re uninsured? And what I mean by that is even if you have no insurance, if you’re driving someone else’s car and they’ve allowed you to drive it and they have insurance, you are covered by that insurance.