A question I get very frequently is, “What if the person involved has inadequate insurance?” This comes up a fair amount and there are several ways we can obtain full compensation for our client even if the person at fault has inadequate insurance.

First of all, many times our client has their own uninsured motorist insurance. Under California law, uninsured motorist insurance is automatically underinsured motorist insurance. And, depending on the limits, that usually can significantly supplement the insurance of the person at fault.

Secondly, we go into high gear at the point where there’s not enough insurance to see if there is another means to get full compensation for our client. We start an inquiry as to whether the person was on the telephone with their boss for instance, and if so, the employer’s insurance comes into play. Were they delivering something for their boss? Was there a defect in their car caused by a mechanic? In which case that brings in the mechanic’s insurance company. Was there a road design [issue] or was there a problem with the stop light, which would bring in the city or county’s insurance?

So, we are quite experienced in looking for other areas of insurance other than just the person who caused the accident.