Our Expertise in Accident Reconstruction and Investigation

Investigation and Accident Reconstruction

When we handle a case, the police report is only the starting point.  With budget cuts affecting every police agency in California, police reports are often written quickly and without a full investigation.  We have a team of sophisticated investigators, including retired city police offers and California Highway Patrolmen, who dig much deeper into the facts than the average police report does

With over 25 years’ experience in catastrophic injury and serious car accident cases, we also routinely work alongside California’s foremost accident reconstruction experts.

Our use of expert testimony and analysis in depositions and in the courtroom, including  this $10.65 million recovery for the family of a man killed in a pipeline explosion and this case in which we recovered $1.75 million for the family of a woman killed on Interstate 80 often lead to larger verdicts or settlements that firms without our experience and expertise are unable to obtain.

We bring all of these resources to bear on each client’s case in order to see to it that our client is fully compensated for their injuries.

Staff Size and Organizational Strength

Our staff-to-attorney ratio is double that of the average personal injury firm.  All of these resources are poured into each of our client’s cases.  Because we are far more selective than the average personal injury firm and have a much larger staff than the average personal injury firm, our clients’ cases get enormous and immediate personal attention from the full force and effect of our office.

We believe this is the right way and the professional way to run a law firm.