Car Accident Lawyers Who Go the Extra Mile for You.

At GJEL, our car accident attorneys go the “extra mile” for our clients.

We help clients get back on their feet and get their lives back. The number of medical specialists our clients see is often overwhelming, let alone trying to figure out their property damage issues with their cars or motorcycles, getting investigative reports and medical records, or securing a rental vehicle.

We let our clients focus on what is really important–their health. We set up appointments with doctors and medical specialists who will provide you with the absolute best care. We coordinate accident investigations. We communicate with your health insurance company. We follow up with the insurance company of the person who hit you, as well as your own car insurance company. In a nutshell, we handle all the details of your case, so that you can focus on your health and your family.

Below are just a few of the steps we take to ensure as smooth a transition as possible back to a normal life.

Coordinating Your Health Insurance

Many people who suffer severe injuries in an automobile or car accident lose their job and therefore lose their health insurance.  Losing health insurance when you need medical care is one of the worst things that can happen to a person.  We have successfully assisted hundreds of clients in getting the health insurance they are entitled to, regardless of whether the first response from their employer or their insurer is “you are no longer insured.”

There are many techniques that we have successfully employed for our clients to either hold on to their health insurance, or obtain alternate health insurance.  We provide both short term and long term solutions.  The short term solutions are for the purpose of getting through a period of time where the client has the most acute need for health insurance.  The long term solutions often involve Medicare, Medi-Cal, or other government programs that many people do not realize are even available to them.

In our 25+ years of experience in California personal injury and auto accident law, we’ve helped clients with virtually every kind of major  injury get the care and assistance they deserve from every major primary care provider and health insurance company in the state.

Securing a Rental Car

When a person’s car is no longer drivable as a result of the fault of another that person is entitled to a rental car for a reasonable period of time.  Certain insurance companies will attempt to avoid their responsibilities, hoping that the injured person will just give up.  For over twenty-five years we have seen to it that insurance companies live up to their responsibilities in this regard.

Keeping Your Insurance Rates Low

Some insurance agents try to convince their clients not to make an uninsured or underinsured motorist claim by telling their clients that their insurance rates will go up. This is absolutely incorrect. Under Proposition 103, enacted by California voters, an insurance company is not allowed to raise rates for an accident which is not the fault of the person who holds the insurance contract.  This means the insurance company cannot raise your rates, cannot drop you, or cannot give you any negative consequences for an accident in which you were found not to be at fault.

If you are not at fault for an accident and your own insurance company takes the position that you were at fault, as part of taking your case, we will take on your insurance company without risking a rise in your own insurance rates.