View Bay Area Bicycle Boulevards in a larger map
On the GJEL news center and blog, we have been urging bicycle commuters to take extra caution to be safe while commuting to work. This involves wearing appropriate safety equipment, obeying all traffic signs, and sharing the road with other vehicles. We are lucky here in the Bay Area to have a strong community of bicycle commuters. But we are also lucky to have cities that have invested in creating paths and trails for the bicycling population in order to provide recreational activities and boost safety.

Of course, bicycle safety laws regarding helmet use and cycling under the influence vary from state-to-state and are sometimes difficult to keep track of. That’s why we ask cyclists to always wear helmets and stick to car-free bicycle paths as much as possible on their commute and for recreational cycling.

After all, safety is always the most important consideration whether you’re biking to work or meandering along the trails for recreation. In both cases, it can be safest to bike on streets that prevent cars or otherwise make bicycle safety a priority. The Google Map above shows many of the major bicycle trails and paths throughout the Bay Area. Click on each path for more information, and if we have missed any must-bike paths, please email and we will add it to the list.