Paraplegia is a type of paralysis in which a person cannot feel or move the lower portion of his or her body. If the condition includes the arms, it is known as quadriplegia. Most paraplegia is caused by some amount of trauma to the spinal cord or neck region.

Many cases of paraplegia are caused by auto accidentsmotorcycle accidents, gunshot wounds, falls, or assault. It is always important to talk to an experienced Northern California paraplegia lawyer after an accident, as the injury often arises as a result of negligence or fault of another party.

Paraplegia cases vary, but all require extensive medical treatment. Most victims of paraplegia are confined to wheelchairs or other motor-function aids for life. Many patients experience additional medical problems including sores, muscle degradation, and an increased susceptibility to colds and pneumonia. If paraplegia was the result of an accident or the fault of another person, a Northern California paraplegia lawyer can often recover damages that pay for nearly all medical expenses.

In general, paraplegia victims should not agree to settle their case for any amount without first seeking legal representation. Many insurance companies and other businesses will often try to settle cases for much lower values than they may be worth.

If an insurance agency or other entity tells you that they cannot pay all or some of the costs of medical bills, therapy, loss of earnings, or pain and suffering damages, first ask to see their offer in writing.

You should then contact our Northern California paraplegia attorneys for a free evaluation of your case. You may be owed much more than you were previously told. A San Francisco / Northern California paraplegia attorney will ensure that you receive attentive, professional legal advice tailored specifically to your interests, not those of the insurance company.

The law firm of Gillin, Jacobson, Ellis, Larsen & Lucey has over thirty years of legal experience in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. A paraplegia lawyer at our firm will provide you with a free consultation in which you can learn your rights and make a decision whether or not to pursue legal action.

Since paraplegia lawsuits tend to require extensive investigation and are subject to complex laws, it is important to hire a firm with experience in similar cases. We have settled or won a number of cases involving paraplegia (for a full list, see our verdicts and settlements page). Our Northern California paraplegia lawyers pursue all of our clients’ cases free of charge until we obtain a successful outcome. Unless we win or settle your case, you owe us absolutely nothing.

Because spinal cord injuries resulting in paraplegia are usually permanent, there are a number of financial damages that victims can claim in a lawsuit. A Northern California and San Francisco paraplegia lawyer from our firm will investigate your case thoroughly and fight for the maximum amount owed to you and your family.

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury that resulted in paraplegia, please contact the law firm of Gillin, Jacobson, Ellis, Larsen & Lucey for a free consultation today.

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