Injured vehicle passengers usually have a stronger case than the vehicle’s driver because no one can claim the passenger did anything wrong in the car accident.  Even when the case is very clear and the driver’s actions are documented, the other side often tries to claim that the driver is partly at fault.

The passenger also has the advantage of often being able to collect damages both from the driver of the other car and the driver of his or her own car. Many people are concerned that if the driver is a friend, they are going to damage the friendship or hurt the driver’s insurance rates by making a claim.  Our office will never make a claim against your friend unless we are asked to make such a claim.  We will also point out the many different ways a passenger can recover for injuries in an automobile accident without bringing a case against their friend.

We have successfully represented thousands of passengers injured in vehicle accidents.  The legal issues involving injured passengers are different from the legal issues involving injured drivers.  We know these issues well and have over 35 years of experience in successfully navigating these issues.  We have handled cases for passengers against all of the major insurance companies in California including State Farm, California State Automobile Association, Farmers Insurance, All-State Insurance, Progressive Insurance, and GEICO.

Passengers are often reluctant to pursue a case because it could hurt their relationship with their friend or raise their friend’s insurance rates.  We are always happy to give a free consultation on this issue to help a person think through the pros and cons.  We are often able to arrange a recovery for an injured passenger with no damage to the friendship and no effect on the driver’s automobile insurance.

Other times we, in consultation with the passenger, come to the conclusion that it is not in the passengers interest to pursue a case against their friend.  We will always think this through for you and help you balance the friendship with the economic problems that might be solved by bringing a case.  The decision is always up to the client, and all we do is make a recommendation.  We always tell our clients that our recommendations are merely that and that the client is the boss as to what they want us to do.

Finally, these consultations are free. Even if a person decides not to go ahead with a case, we hope these meetings help come to a balanced decision even when the firm receives no financial gain. Contact us today to learn more.