The Rear-End Accident

The rear-end accident is the most common type of accident on California roads.  We have recovered well over 100 million dollars for clients in rear-end accidents. 

Insurance companies often try to lump together all rear-end accidents as being “minor fender-benders.”  In fact, rear-end accidents account for more severe injuries and deaths than any other type of accident nationwide.  Rear-end accidents can have injuries just as severe as other types of accidents such as head-on, rollover, sideswipe, and t-bone accidents.

There are very specific types of injuries that occur in rear-end accidents and we work with a group of expert witnesses (in both the bio-mechanical and medical field) to obtain the maximum recovery for our clients in these types of injuries.  We have seen an increasing number of these types of cases over the years.  The causes appear to be many, including cell phone use, congested roads leading to panicked stops, and drivers not leaving sufficient stopping distance between themselves and the car in front. 

The Head-On Accident

Head-on accidents are the deadliest form of accidents.  They normally result from a driver crossing a center line.  The injuries are catastrophic and often result in death.  It takes a specialized law firm to properly handle these type of cases.  We have vast experience in these kinds of cases.  The insurance company will often try and claim that the injured person and the victim of the accident is actually the one who is on the wrong side of the road.  Through physical evidence, accident reconstruction experts, and extensive interviewing of witnesses at the scene, we have been very successful at establishing the true facts in these types of cases. 

Having a former CHP officer as one of our investigators is particularly valuable in this type of case.  A combination of knowledge, contacts, and experience has led this particular investigator to turn around many cases where the insurance company was trying to unfairly deny a claim.

The Sideswipe Accident

Sideswipe accidents, although less common than rear-end collisions, can be the cause of severe injuries or death.  What often happens is that the initial sideswipe only results in moderate impact but causes the victim of the sideswipe to lose control and get knocked into oncoming traffic or a fixed object such as a telephone pole. 

The results can be catastrophic.  There is often a dispute as to which car was actually out of their lane causing the sideswipe.  With our extensive network of accident reconstruction experts, we have been successful at determining the true facts and turning around unfair denials of coverage by insurance carriers.  In one of our recent cases, two cars on the freeway in front of our client were involved in a sideswipe incident, which resulted in both cars hitting our car and causing major injuries.  At first, both insurance companies for the two cars in the original incident refused to pay anything to our client and blamed the other car.  After an extensive work up by our reconstruction experts, we were able to prove that both cars were at fault and we received a major recovery for our clients from both insurance companies. 

The “T-Bone” Accident

The term T-Bone is commonly used for an accident in which the front end of one car squarely makes contact with the driver or passenger side of the victim car.  These accidents often result in catastrophic injury or death.  The incidents of injury or death has gone down slightly in recent years due to the increasing use of side airbags in newer cars.  Nonetheless, a driver or passenger being hit on their own side has far less protection than one being hit from the front or the rear.  Six inches of metal intrusion often results in devastating injuries or death. 

We have a team of specialized experts, including investigators, bio-mechanical engineers, and accident reconstruction engineers, with whom we have been working on these cases for over 25 years.

A specialized approach is particularly important in a case of this nature.  These type of cases typically happen in an intersection but they also happen where someone is pulling out of a driveway or in a commercial parking lot.  If they happen on private property, such as a parking lot, there are times when the police will not do a report due to the fact that the accident happened on private property.  A case such as this calls for more intensive investigation than a case where there is a police report.  This is a situation where our team of investigators and accident reconstruction experts become particularly critical.