Most dogs are friendly creatures that would never harm a human. However, there are exceptions to this when Dogs attack or bite humans. Dog bites can be even more terrifying for children and many people underestimate the damage these bites can cause.

Many dog bites cause serious and sometimes life-altering injuries. If you or someone you love has been bitten by a dog in the San Jose area you should call our experienced dog bite attorneys today.

GJEL Accident Attorneys has successfully taken hundreds of dog bites with a 99% success rate and has recovered over $10 million dollars for dog bite victims.

What To Do If You’ve Been Bitten by a Dog

If you or someone you know has been bitten by a dog you should seek immediate medical attention. Sometimes injuries may have lasting effects including nerve damage and require a diagnosis by a medical professional. In addition to this dogs can also carry dangerous bacteria in their mouth’s which can lead to serious infections.

Seeing a doctor after a dog attack in San Jose will also provide the proper medical documentation if you decide to pursue legal action in the future.

To help your potential case and hold the proper parties responsible, you should also document the incident as best as you can. Start by taking photos of your injuries, the dog, the location, etc. You should also try to collect witness information and write down the details of the case in case you need this evidence to take to court later.

If you’ve been seriously injured you should call an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your case.

Who is responsible if a dog bites and injures you?

In California, the owner of the dog is responsible for injuries that their pets cause. Typically the injuries sustained from dog bites are covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy of the dog owners.

In California, pet owners are responsible for injuries their dogs cause

Liability for these cases can be more apparent if the dog was previously identified as a potentially dangerous dog. According to C.S. ยง 31602, a potentially dangerous dog is a dog that meets one of the following criteria.

  • An unprovoked dog has at least two occasions where they have engaged in behavior that requires defensive action to prevent injury.
  • An unprovoked dog attacks or bites someone
  • An unprovoked dog has at least two occasions where they have attacked or killed another dog.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

When a dog attacks a human there is no knowing what type of injury the attack may cause. Common incidents we have dealt with in California are injuries such as:

  • Serious Bites
  • Lacerations
  • Deglove
  • Fatalities (More common with Children)
  • Infections

Many of these injuries can cause hospital stays, surgery, and result in a loss of work. GJEL helped clients who have been injured recover money for these damages and any lifelong effects such as pain and suffering.


Where you can safely play with animals in San Jose

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