May 24 by GJEL Staff

California Bus Injury Lawyer: What If You’re Injured On A Bus?

No one expects to get hurt on a bus when they climb aboard to get to work or to travel for vacation. However, bus accidents happen much more often than they should in California, and people get hurt. In many cases, the bus company can be held liable for injuries sustained in an accident. If you or someone you love got hurt in a bus accident, there are some important things you need to know about filing a claim. If you are injured on a bus, and it is a public bus–AC Transit, San Francisco Muni, anything like that–then the rules change a little bit. Number one, if it is the fault of the bus company then instead of having two years in which to file the lawsuit you only have six months within which to file a claim and then additional time to file a lawsuit. Secondly, if you are injured on a bus, then the bus is held to a much higher standard than if you were a passenger in a friend’s car. It’s called the Common Carrier Rule.

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Jan 28 by GJEL

San Francisco Easy on Drivers Responsible for Preventable Bus Accidents

As I’ve said before, getting hit by a bus has to be one of the worst nightmares imaginable. Clearly, much of the responsibility lies with pedestrians to be careful and avoid accidents. But far too often, San Francisco pedestrians are involved in bus preventable bus accidents due to inexperienced or incompetent bus drivers. A new report by the San Francisco Examiner found that although many preventable accidents are caused by bus drivers who have been in preventable accidents before, the city plans to fire very few drivers.

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Jan 07 by GJEL

San Francisco Muni to Pay $2 Million Settlement to Passenger Injured in Train Accident

Serious accidents involving city public transportation agencies always draw major headlines. After all, there are fewer fates more terrifying than being hit by a train or bus. In the past year, Portland’s TriMet public transportation agency has been plagued by numerous high-profile pedestrian accidents. And San Francisco’s Muni system has had its share of accidents causing injuries and even fatalities. In one of Muni’s most costly debacles to date, the agency agreed to settle a personal injury lawsuit filed by a passenger injured in 2008 this week for more than $2 million.

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Dec 10 by GJEL

Portland Wrongful Death Victims Launch $30 Million Lawsuit For Bus Accident

Back in April, one of Portland’s TriMet busses struck five pedestrians while turning left onto a busy street. Danielle Sale, 22, and Jenee Hammel, 26, were both killed. Families for the two victims in addition to Robert Gittings, who was seriously injured by the accident, have launched a lawsuit against Portland’s public transportation system, the driver of the bus (who has since been fired), and the bus manufacturer totaling $30 million.

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Aug 18 by GJEL

NHTSA to Require Seat Belts on Commercial Passenger Busses

“Click it or Ticket,” is the threat that has prompted thousands more Americans to buckle up since the punitive campaign launched two years ago. Since more than 15,000 people not wearing seat belts are killed each year, it’s considered irresponsible not to strap in while zooming along the highway. But when it comes to large commercial vehicles, seat belts are considered less essential. This week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched a campaign that could save dozens of lives each year by requiring commercial bus passengers to ‘click it’ as well.

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Jul 22 by GJEL

Fresno Greyhound Bus Accident Causes 6 Deaths, 34 Injuries

A Greyhound bus driving from Los Angeles to Sacramento collided with an overturned SUV in California’s Central Valley on Highway 99 near Fresno early Thursday morning. To avoid a second collision, confirms California Highway Patrol Officer Michelle Sigmond, the driver of the Greyhound swerved and crashed in to a concrete divider and a large eucalyptus tree. The accident led to 6 deaths and 34 injuries.

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