Nov 21 by Ralph L. Jacobson

Technology strikes again: the birth of ‘per mile’ car insurance premiums

According to, a startup company called MetroMile is launching beta testing in the State of Washington of a new product: car insurance charged on a “per mile” basis. The $14 million-funded company, the article says, gives away, free, a plug-in device (called a “Metronome”) for your car that connects to a free app. By…

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Feb 03 by Beckley

Interview: Imagining laws for self-driving cars

Frank Douma is a Research Fellow and the Associate Director of the Humphrey School of Public Policy at the University of Minnesota, as well as a Research Scholar at the school’s Center for Transportation Studies. He’s particularly interested in studying the public policy and legal concerns that driverless cars present. In January, Douma, who also…

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Jun 14 by GJEL

Safe & Affordable Cars for Teen Drivers

For many parents, the idea of buying your teen a new car is frightening. If your son or daughter’s new drivers license wasn’t enough, buying them their own car grants an unparalleled freedom that is at times difficult to monitor. That’s why many families draft a parent-teen safe driver contract to assure safe driving decisions even when you’re not in the car. But it’s also important to research the safest cars on the market, to assure that your teen driver will stay safe even if something unpredictable happens. Over the past year, Consumer Reports has done a great job of highlighting safe cars for teen drivers, with a special emphasis on affordability. Their new list goes even further.

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