Dec 13 by GJEL

NHTSA Report: Drug Use Leads to More Fatal Car Accidents

In a unique report released last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that the number of drivers fatally injured in car accidents who tested positive for drug use has increased more than 40 percent over the past five years. Last year, the number who tested positive for drug use rose to 33 percent of those killed, the report found. Here in California, the results are better with 23 percent of fatally injured drivers testing positive for drug use. While NHTSA does not suggest concrete new laws based on their findings, it could lead states to strengthen their drug use and driving laws, as they have for drunk driving.

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Apr 20 by GJEL

Wrongful Death DUI

$1.1 million in a wrongful death case where a driver lost control of his car coming from a Christmas party.

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