Jun 03 by rebecca

Medical cannabis creating uncertainty in state DUI laws

Two states have legalized cannabis and 17 states (18 including Washington, D.C.) have legalized medical cannabis. As the nation slowly shifts towards decriminalization, numerous questions arise on how to regulate and police cannabis fairly and responsibly. Michigan’s Supreme Court recently acted as a guinea pig on one matter: driving under the influence of cannabis. Last…

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Jan 09 by jason

Washington drivers may face hazy DUI laws when it comes to marijuana use

Despite the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in the state of Washington, the lines for what constitutes a DUI may remain somewhat fuzzy. Although the state’s new law says a driver is considered legally impaired if he or she has 5 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood, simply being under the limit may not…

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Nov 30 by Beckley

DUI arrests up over Thanksgiving weekend

The holiday season is a happy and relaxing time, but at times it can also be stressful and busy. Between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve, millions of Americans hit the roads each winter to visit family and friends, which means increased traffic and safety concerns. We focus on getting to our destination safely, but as…

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Jun 01 by GJEL

Drunk Driving and Car Accident Statistics

As part of GJEL’s state-by-state drunk driving laws and driving fatality research, Steve Gursten, a partner at Michigan Auto Law, recently shared these updated statistics about drunk driving and auto accidents in Michigan. Steve has been very active in promoting efforts to reduce drunk driving and car accidents in Michigan. This guest blog post analyzes car accidents and wrongful deaths from 2009, the latest year with available data.

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Dec 23 by GJEL

Major California Cities Offer Free Rides to Avoid Drunk Driving on New Year’s Eve

Each year, holiday weekends are the most vulnerable to DUI arrests and accidents. Each year, for example, about 40 people are killed and 2,100 people are injured in accidents over Christmas weekend, according to the California Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System. Of those, 23 of the deaths and 431 of the injuries resulted from alcohol-related crashes. The numbers are nearly identical for New Years Eve weekend. To improve this daunting statistic, major California cities are joining others nationwide in offering free public transportation on New Years Eve. See what cities are providing free cab and public transportation fares this holiday season.

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Sep 02 by GJEL

California Cracks Down on Drunk Driving on Dangerous Labor Day Weekend

Like we’re back in school, 34.4 million Americans, including more than 4 million Californians will join me this Friday night to travel more than 50 miles to a vacation getaway for the long Labor Day weekend. In California and across the country, this holiday weekend’s travel predictions mark a ten percent increase over 2009 numbers, which indicates that it will be marked by more traffic, and likely more accidents, than last year.

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Apr 26 by Ben

California Considers Ignition-Interlocks for Fight Against Drunk Driving

This Saturday night 17-year-old Oakland driver caused an fatal accident while under the influence of alcohol. The driver, whose name has not been released because he is a minor, was arrested on vehicular manslaughter charges for the death of 22-year-old Martin Contreras. He has been busted on DUI charges before, which carries a suspended license penalty of six months for a first-time offender in California. If California had stricter ignition-interlock laws, the accident could have been avoided.

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Apr 20 by GJEL

Wrongful Death DUI

$1.1 million in a wrongful death case where a driver lost control of his car coming from a Christmas party.

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