Nov 21 by GJEL

Thanksgiving Drivers Increase Risk of Car Accidents: Driving Tips to Stay Safe

Are you getting ready to hit the roads next weekend to reach your Thanksgiving destination? Well you’re far from alone, as AAA predicts that the number of this year’s road warriors will exceed 42 million, an 11.4 percent increase over last year’s total of nearly 38 million. This effectively ends a three year lull in road travelers over Thanksgiving weekend. AAA says the predicted up tick is likely the result of an improving economy, which enables travelers to brave gas prices and other costs associated with travel this holiday season.

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Nov 15 by GJEL

Lamorinda Sun Profiles GJEL Partner Luke Ellis on California Mock Trial

Practicing law for the past 35 years, GJEL Partner Luke Ellis has developed an outstanding reputation in the courtroom. For the past ten of those years, he has worked consistently to develop a related passion: mock trial. As coach for Contra Costa County’s Miramonte High School mock trial team, Luke’s teams have won eight of ten county championships, including the past three consecutive years. Last week, the Contra Costa Times profiled Luke and a number of his mock trial students for a story that highlights the important critical and verbal skills honed by experience with mock trial.

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Jul 19 by GJEL

GJEL Accident Attorneys Urges Summer Safety on the Water

Each season comes with a new set of activities made possible by the change in schedules and weather. Though summer tends to be a little depressing for me for its lack of opportunities to ski, there are more chances for activities in parks, on lakes, and under the sun. Along with these new activities come the danger of a new set of injuries unique to the summer.

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Jun 09 by Ben

GJEL Accident Attorneys: Take Away the Keys During Graduation Celebrations

Graduation can bring out the best and worst in freedom-bound high school students. Oftentimes, each productive achievement and accolade is met with a destructive antidote in the form of underage drinking. For this reason, GJEL Accident Attorneys encourages parents to take away the keys on graduation day to prevent potential drunk or impaired driving incidents.

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