Jan 20 by jason

Winter Holiday Charity Contest Case Study

For most companies, the end of the year is a time to give. Holiday season coincides with fiscal deadlines…encouraging tax-deductible giving to non-profits and charities. But just because a firm gives to charity, doesn’t mean that the altruistic gesture can’t benefit both parties. In the winter of 2011, we at GJEL Accident Attorneys tried a…

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Dec 16 by Beckley

An interview with Impact Teen Drivers Director Kelly Browning

Impact Teen Drivers is everywhere. Preaching the importance of eliminating distracted driving online, in video and print, in the halls of power and in the halls of our local schools. In fact GJEL has helped set them up with a few local schools, where Impact Teen Drivers has spoken at assemblies and helped raise awareness. …

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Dec 13 by Beckley

An interview with TransFormCA program director Nora Cody

TransFormCA is one of the leading voices in transportation reform in the Bay Area. Based in Alameda county, TransForm operates on a number of levels, both in the community as leaders of the Safe Walks to School movement, and through advocacy work in the local halls of power. They are also one of the five…

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Dec 12 by Beckley

An Interview with MADD California Executive Director Gary McDonald

For decades, Mothers Against Drunk Driving has provided a voice for the families and victims of drunk driving. They’ve effectively advocated for stricter penalties and better methods of prevention while raising the national awareness of the awful things that can happen when people drive drunk. MADD California is the local arm of this organization, and…

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