May 01 by Matthew Hirsch

The Most Dangerous & Deadliest Roads In San Jose

Searching for the most dangerous roads in San Jose isn’t easy. You can focus on roads with the highest numbers of collisions and wind up overlooking the roads where the most serious injuries have occurred. Or you could just as easily do the opposite.

Any way you slice it, the danger on San Jose streets is alarming.

Highway 17, connecting San Jose and Santa Cruz, has among the highest number of collisions.

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Apr 08 by jason

Vote ‘No’ on S.B. 192

At GJEL, we’re very supportive of wearing bicycle helmets. We’ve seen countless victims hit by drivers while bicycling whose lives were saved by helmets, and others not wearing helmets who’ve experienced significant injuries or lost their lives. We’ve sponsored free helmets for kids and rarely ride without them. However, we’re writing today to explain why…

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Aug 18 by jason

Buy a bike, get a helmet: now through August 31st at select local bike shops

Starting Monday, August 18th, we’re partnering with five local bike shops to promote safety and provide free helmets with every kid’s bike sold. Bike safety is a cause that’s near and dear to our hearts, and we’re proud to once again work with some of the Bay Area’s top retailers to make the necessary safety…

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May 30 by jason

Are bike helmet laws sexist? Aussie woman says yes.

There’s long been a heated debate surrounding mandatory helmet laws, but up until now sexism hadn’t really been one of the talking points. However, a recent complaint from an Australian woman has changed that, as she claims helmet laws unfairly target women with otherwise fabulous hair by forcing them to put vanity on the back…

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Jul 10 by jason

‘Foldable Helmet’ aims to make bike safety more portable than ever

One of the most common objections to wearing a bike helmet is that it’s simply not portable. Once you’ve arrived at your destination and chained your bike to the rack, you’re still stuck lugging around a helmet that’s often clunky enough to become a real nuisance. Now, a Kickstarter project from Closca is attempting to…

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Jun 21 by GJEL Staff

What if I was in a bike accident and wasn’t wearing a helmet?

Many times if someone is in a bike accident and they aren’t wearing a helmet, the insurance company takes the position that the injury was the fault of the person not wearing the helmet. There is no question that it is safer to ride with a helmet in California, but it’s also true that if…

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Feb 13 by jason

The debate about whether cyclists should be required to wear helmets rages on

It may seem counterintuitive, but despite near unanimous support for the use of helmets, many cycling advocates disagree with the notion that helmet usage should be required by law. A recent measure in Maryland that would require helmets be worn by all cyclists has reignited the debate about whether this type of legislation actually impedes…

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Dec 14 by jason

New cardboard bike helmet absorbs three times the impact of a standard helmet

Inspired by the woodpecker, a species that sustains severe impact to its head every time it pecks, Anirudha Surabhi set out to create a helmet capable of more efficiently absorbing the substantial force cyclists experience during a crash. The result of his efforts: the Kranium, a cardboard bike helmet. Although a material as seemingly flimsy…

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Oct 23 by rebecca

Helmets shouldn’t deter you from cycling

Last month the New York Times ran an editorial written by someone who found it refreshing that she could rent a bike for $2 in Paris and spend the day bicycling around the city with a baguette sticking out of the front basket and a beret atop her head in lieu of a bike helmet….

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Aug 15 by jason

New ‘Invisible Bike Helmet’ tries to target fashion forward cyclists

There are plenty of excuses people give for why they don’t wear a helmet. Reasons ranging from the understandable complaint that they’re bulky and hard to carry around to self-conscious concerns about helmets “looking silly” or messing up the rider’s hair. Now, a new invention from two Swedish entrepreneurs is targeting an even more vain…

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