Jul 08 by jason

Should self-driving vehicles be required to get a license?

Following the first fatal accident involving a self-driving vehicle, the debate has been renewed over whether autonomous cars are ready to share the road with traditional vehicles. The accident, which occurred in Florida on May 7th, resulted from a Tesla Model S colliding with a tractor-trailer that had made a left turn in front of…

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May 23 by jason

Self-driving cars are the future, but major questions remain

Whether you like it or not, self-driving cars are coming. Slowly. Over 30 different companies are working on some form of self-driving vehicle, with the highest profile entry coming from Google, which currently boasts over 1.4 million miles of driverless testing since debuting their first car in 2009. Until recently, self-driving cars have had an…

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Mar 16 by guestauthor

Signs of Road Rage: What You Can Do To Make Roads Safer

What Is Road Rage? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines road rage as “criminal act[s] of violence,” a product of aggressive driving, like tailgating, speeding, and running red lights. NHTSA credits aggressive driving with 2/3 of all driving-related fatalities. The rate of road rage incidents has risen by 51 percent since 1990, increasing by…

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Nov 23 by GJEL Staff

Sprawling freeway interchange wins ‘Best Urban Design’ award in Inland Empire

The American Planning Association (APA), a professional organization for urban planners, claims to “provide leadership in the development of vital communities by advocating excellence in planning, promoting education and citizen empowerment, and providing the tools and support necessary to meet the challenges of growth and change.” However, it’s often difficult to reconcile the organization’s principles…

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Nov 06 by jason

Tragedy strikes horrific Page Mill-280 Interchange near Palo Alto

On Tuesday morning, Jeffrey Donnelly of Palo Alto was tragically killed while riding a bicycle on Page Mill Road near I-280. Riding along a popular recreational cycling route, Donnelly was struck in the lane closest to the median at the tangled, horrific interchange. Donnelly is the latest victim of a status quo on the Peninsula…

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Aug 17 by jason

Caltrans’ zombie highways

Last week, we examined the I-80 Smart Corridor project and its highway-like approach to San Pablo Avenue. To recap, Caltrans has exercized its jurisdiction over San Pablo Avenue (as State Route 123) to provide capacity relief for I-80, despite San Pablo’s neighborhood-oriented characteristics and lack of statewide significance. As another proof of San Pablo Avenue’s…

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Jul 09 by jason

Bay Bridge contraflow bus lane and bike/ped path should be considered together

Over the past few months, a proposal to build a contraflow bus lane on the Bay Bridge has gained momentum among key transportation agencies such as the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), BART, and AC Transit. The proposed contraflow lane would convert an underutilized eastbound lane to a westbound bus lane, providing much-needed capacity relief for…

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Dec 23 by jason

Christmas and New Year’s among most dangerous days to drive

It should come as no surprise that the holidays are one of the most dangerous times to head out on the road. Not only are more people driving–some estimates suggest it could be as much as 50% more–but people are also driving a longer average distance than usual. Although Thanksgiving ranks as the single most dangerous…

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