May 19 by GJEL

Funding Cuts Threaten California Legal Aid Clinics

Legal aid clinics are in danger. As part of last month’s budget compromise, the nonprofit organization Legal Services Corporation saw its funding slashed $15.8 million, 4 percent of its total budget. Initially, House Republicans suggested cutting the LSC’s budget by a whopping $75 million, but after President Obama suggested an increase of $30 million, both sides agreed to the smaller cut. But this marks the newest in a string of legal aid cuts that have left poor Americans vulnerable to the worst aspects of the economic recession with little legal protection.

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Feb 17 by GJEL

Legal Aid Clinics Spared in Obama’s Proposed Budget Cuts

Due to the ever-dwindling coffers of legal aid clinics over the past decade, and the “everything must go” approach to the national budget this year, most observers expected the President Obama’s budget plan to include extensive cuts to the Legal Services Corporation, which has funded aid for low-income people in need of a lawyer since the 1960s. Instead, the president suggested a $30 million increase to the LSC’s budget, an apparent nod to the view that legal aid for the poor is even more essential considering the tough economic climate.

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Jul 07 by GJEL

Recession Threatens California Legal Aid Clinics

Now that Congress has passed a set of bills to (hopefully) improve the economy and mitigate the impact of the recession on poor Americans, it’s clear that a full economic rebound will take years. In the mean time, more Americans are struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table, let alone afford legal advice amidst rising foreclosure rates and domestic violence incidents. It’s time for the US government and individuals to boost support for programs to strengthen access to legal aid.

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