May 23 by GJEL

Avvo Conference Emphasizes Smart, Ethical Legal Services

If you know about Avvo, you know that it is a ratings website for lawyers that rewards smart, experienced, and ethical attorneys with a high ranking for consumers to consider while looking for legal advice. If you’re not familiar with Avvo, pay attention, because the influential web startup is bound to have a major impact on how lawyers interact online, as the Internet becomes an even more essential part of everyday life. Last week, I had the opportunity to attend Avvo’s Avvocating conference in Orlando, which was packed with information sessions on the best practices of web marketing, the importance of Google local search, and the ethical questions that lawyers face online.

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May 10 by GJEL

Looking Forward to Avvocating 2011 Conference, May 19-20 in Orlando

Over the past year, there has been a lot of discussion about Avvo’s impact on the legal profession. Critics have said that Avvo’s rating system appears arbitrary and fluctuates for no reason. Others, like Jay Fleishman, have praised the web startup for its great web presence and growing community. I’m an unabashed fan of Avvo, both for its innovative platform and its clever discussion of web and legal issues on the Avvo Blog and NakedLaw. For these reasons, among others, I’m growing more and more excited for next week’s Avvocating conference in Orlando, Florida.

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Mar 22 by GJEL

Attorney Rating Site Reviews

Before massive layoffs at the country’s major law firms, before major cuts to the funding of free legal aid clinics, and before before the meteoric rise of Google, consumers relied on lawyer referrals for legal representation. Once search engines took over, however, and we grew used to accessing the world from our desktops, consumers turned to the web. So we’ve compiled some information about the four major legal raters, their differences, and their main qualities.

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Sep 07 by GJEL

Ethics and eDiscovery: Q&A With Discovery Strategy Guru Diane Barry

Most people outside the legal profession don’t know the incredible amount of work that goes in to a lawsuit before settlement negotiations or courtroom procedure begins. A major part of this process is discovery, defined by our legal dictionary as “devices that can be used by one party to obtain facts and information about the case from the other party in order to assist the party’s preparation for trial,” including depositions, written interrogatories, and the production of important documents. Discovery has always been a complicated process, but due to the relatively recent rise of computer domination, eDiscovery — which involves the production of information from technological sources — can be even trickier. We asked discovery expert Diane Barry to explain the complicated ethical elements of eDiscovery.

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Apr 12 by Ben

Avvo Legal Directory Upgrades Look, Adds Features

Last week, Avvo, the social media directory of attorney profiles that prospective clients can use to find the right fit, bought itself “a new suit.” Avvo CEO Mark Britton said the change was necessary, just like when he would periodically realize as an associate that it was time for some new clothes. “Maybe styles had changed a bit; maybe it was losing its shape; maybe I slept in it one too many times,” he wrote on the site’s blog. “Whatever the case, I would simply look at my aging suit and think, ‘Time for a new one.'”

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