Aug 08 by GJEL

6 Important California Bike Accident Lawsuits

Getting hit by a car while walking or riding your bicycle is an awful thought. So the image of a pack of cyclists being run over by a SUV is nothing short of terrifying. Last year, four cyclists were injured in San Francisco’s Mission District after a man in an SUV allegedly ran them down in what the San Francisco Chronicle calls a “six-minute rampage.” The driver, David Mark Clark, now faces four counts of attempted murder, and his attorney has unofficially said Clark will seek an insanity plea. Click through for five more important California bike accident lawsuits.

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Jun 16 by GJEL

Revolving Door for California Bike Accident Lawsuits

I cant help but feel that we’ve taken two steps forward and three steps back after reading two very different stories about bike accidents here in California. First of all, 55 year-old Harold Brown finally pleaded guilty yesterday for a 2008 hit and run bike accident that killed 49 year-old Mark Pendleton in Martinez, California. The guilty plea closes the book on a chapter that underscored the dangerous position for cyclists throughout the state. Meanwhile, a suspected drunk driver crashed into a set of 100 cyclists this morning in Los Angeles, leaving 11 hospitalized and one in critical condition.

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Mar 31 by GJEL

San Francisco MTA Continues Plan to Reduce California Bicycle Accidents

So far, 2011 has been a great year for San Francisco pedestrian safety and bicycle safety. Facing troubling pedestrian and bicycle accident statistics, city lawmakers have enacted programs that promise to greatly benefit the city’s cyclists and pedestrians. Most recently, the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency has installed green “Bike Boxes” on both directions of Market Street and Van Ness Avenue to make non-motorist safety more of a priority.

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Mar 04 by GJEL

San Francisco & Los Angeles Launch Plans to Reduce California Bicycle Accidents

As bicycle use continues to grow more popular, commuters remain vulnerable to bicycle accidents due primarily to the fact that city infrastructure for safe bicycle use lags far behind. The problem is particularly striking here in California, where our major cities are notorious for heavy vehicle traffic during commuting hours, which explains why the percent of bicyclists among the total number of California traffic accident deaths is nearly double the national average. Fortunately, San Francisco and Los Angeles lawmakers are facing the issue head-on by introducing major plans to reduce bicycle accidents.

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Jan 14 by GJEL

California Bicyclists Arrested for Cycling Under the Influence

You would never get behind the wheel of your car drunk. But you would probably be more likely to get on a bicycle after one too many drinks. At least that was the case for five cyclists arrested for cycling under the influence near Los Angeles yesterday. The arrested cyclists, all between the ages of 18 and 22, were riding with 15 other cyclists when a California Highway Patrol Officer witnessed a member of the group crash into the pavement at 1:30 am.

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May 24 by Ben

California Car Accident Causes Second Crash: 3 Dead

Three drivers were killed this Sunday while exchanging contact information following a three-car accident near Los Angeles at 2 a.m. California Highway Patrol officer Anthony Martin confirmed to the press that the drivers of Hyundai, Toyota, and Dodge vehicles were then struck by a third driver, 25 year-old Haik Madoyan, who left the accident with moderate injuries.

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Apr 14 by Ben

Rain Storms Cause Tragic Accidents Across California

When it was announced that this year would be an El Nino winter in California, skiiers and rain enthusiasts rejoiced. And although there was certainly more precepitation this year than in the past — a recent survey showed this years snow pack to be 106% previous totals — 2010 did not quite reverse the region’s drought, caused by a string of below-average precipitation years.

But if the rainy season is almost over, you wouldn’t know it in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area, which have been drenched by pounding rain since late last week. This relentless rain is far from harmless, and led to two tragic auto accidents early this week.

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