Jan 29 by GJEL Staff

Oakland pedestrian enforcement operation includes jaywalking tickets, provides fashion tips

The Oakland Police Department issued a press release on Wednesday announcing a pedestrian safety enforcement operation on Monday, February 1st. The press release notes increasing rates of pedestrian collisions (876 total in Oakland over the past three years) and highlights key planned enforcement activities to promote pedestrian safety: “Special attention will be directed toward drivers…

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Sep 17 by jason

New pedestrian safety banners target San Francisco’s most dangerous streets

As of yesterday, pedestrian safety banners are now flying in SoMa. The banners, proclaiming “Slow Down!” and followed with either “We live here” or “I live here” are part of the Vision Zero safety measure that hopes to eliminate all traffic related deaths in San Francisco by 2024. With about 60 percent of all pedestrian…

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Aug 17 by jason

Caltrans’ zombie highways

Last week, we examined the I-80 Smart Corridor project and its highway-like approach to San Pablo Avenue. To recap, Caltrans has exercized its jurisdiction over San Pablo Avenue (as State Route 123) to provide capacity relief for I-80, despite San Pablo’s neighborhood-oriented characteristics and lack of statewide significance. As another proof of San Pablo Avenue’s…

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Jul 28 by jason

Engineers behaving badly: Oakland’s pedestrian signal fail

Oakland has a lot of strange, poorly-designed pedestrian signals, but we think we’ve found the worst example in the City at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Euclid Avenue. By over-engineering a simple sidewalk, Oakland has created a more hazardous condition where thousands of people break the law every day. Along Grand Avenue at Euclid…

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Jul 23 by jason

Survey: most Temescal shoppers don’t drive

The City of Oakland, in partnership with UC Berkeley, recently conducted a survey of shoppers in Temescal along a controversial segment of Telegraph Avenue to better understand the travel behavior of shoppers. The segment under study between 40th and 52nd street represents the heart of the Temescal business district. Temescal was left out of the…

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Jun 22 by jason

Oakland’s new pedestrian signal policy: a half-step forward

The City of Oakland recently unveiled a new pedestrian signal policy intended to streamline the implementation of more pedestrian-friendly intersections. We’ve written at length about how Oakland’s implementation of automobile-oriented traffic signals threatens its walkability. As the City has switched from pretimed to actuated signals, pedestrian circulation has often been an afterthought. In essence, new…

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