Sep 16 by Ralph L. Jacobson

Hurt at the Health Club? It’s Buyer Beware!

Joining the gym gives many of us the motivation we need to stay fit. It’s so much easier to exercise surrounded by others doing the same thing — and who knows, you might make a few new friends! But consumers need to be careful while joining health clubs, and make sure all contracts represent their best interests.

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Aug 05 by Ralph L. Jacobson

Thinking About a New Career… Student Beware!

Thirty eight years ago, I was involved in a high profile case. A trade school was trying to collect bills from their former students; the students, even though they had completed their courses at the school, could not find jobs, and in fact found their training useless in the job market. For the schools, suing the students was just the first step: if the students didn’t pay their costly tuition bills, then the schools could collect from the federal government, which insured the loans as part of its educational program. Meanwhile, the student would be left with an unpleasant reminder of his education: a lifetime of bad credit. A blog post by GJEL partner Ralph L. Jacobson.

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