Jun 13 by GJEL

Teen Driver Safety Week & Summer Safety

This week is the National Safety Council’s Teen Driver Safety Week, and it comes right in time for summer, the most dangerous set of months for teens behind the wheel. Last week, we published the California Teen Driver Summer Safety Resource, which included daunting statistics about summer driving for teenagers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports, for example, that there are nearly twice as many car accidents between Memorial Day and Labor Day than the rest of the year combined. So to prevent car accidents this summer, pay attention to Teen Driver Safety Week and remember to drive safe.

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Jun 07 by GJEL

Parents: Summer Months are the Most Dangerous for Teen Drivers

Summer is great. The weather is warm enough for shorts and t-shirts, the water is (in some places) warm enough for swimming, and teens get a whole three months off of school. But it turns out summer is incredibly dangerous for teen drivers and motorcyclists. This week, AAA released a new report showing that seven of the 10 most fatal teen driving days occur the summer months between Memorial Day and Labor Day. So in addition to enjoying to their summer, teen drivers can take the summer to improve their knowledge of driver safety and even study to take their California drivers license test.

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May 31 by GJEL

California Teen Driver Summer Safety Statistics & Resources

Teen drivers throughout the country are faced with countless dangers on city streets and highways. Teens are the demographic most likely to cause car a accident, technology poses the temptation for distracted driving, and scientific studies have even shown that the teen brain may not have developed the motor skills and emotional maturity to drive safely. As California teens hit the road more during the summer holiday, they should take precautions to stay safe and aware at all times. And since California teens receive their restricted license at 16 and their unrestricted license at 18, they can take the summer to boost their knowledge of state driver laws and practice safe driving techniques.

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Jul 19 by GJEL

GJEL Accident Attorneys Urges Summer Safety on the Water

Each season comes with a new set of activities made possible by the change in schedules and weather. Though summer tends to be a little depressing for me for its lack of opportunities to ski, there are more chances for activities in parks, on lakes, and under the sun. Along with these new activities come the danger of a new set of injuries unique to the summer.

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May 26 by Ben

Prepare for Summer Driving with Accident Checklist

If you’re anything like me, you’re looking forward to Memorial Day, if only to enjoy a rare three day weekend. It’s the perfect weekend to pack up and find an adventure in the mountains, enjoy family and friends, and get out of town. The only problem is, everyone else has the same idea. To stay safe on the unusually crowded roads, download the GJEL Accident Preparedness Checklist.

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