Sep 13 by jason

What if more than one person is at fault for the accident?

I have many clients ask me, “What if there’s more than one person at fault for the accident?” And this arises in two situations. The first situation is where our client has no fault whatsoever but the accident is the fault of two people rather than one. In a recent case that we have, a…

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Sep 04 by Ralph L. Jacobson

Identifying proper defendants in California truck accident cases

Ascertaining the identity of potentially responsible defendants in a commercial trucking accident case can be challenging. Particularly in cases where the truck involved in the accident might be underinsured in light of the injuries and damages that occurred to Plaintiffs, identifying all responsible defendants is of the utmost importance. In the trucking industry, independent contractors…

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Aug 30 by jason

Even minor separation between roads and bike lanes increases rider safety

A recent experiment conducted by Brooklyn Spoke blog author Doug Gordon has confirmed what many people already suspected; simply having a barrier between the road and bike lane can have a dramatic impact on driver behavior. Inspired by the DIY guerrilla bike lane comprised of orange construction cones, Gordon decided to use red Solo cups…

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