Dr. George Tyndall started working for USC in the student health center in 1989. Recently after sexual misconduct allegations Dr. Tyndall the spotlight was cast on the inappropriate behavior spanning decades as a Gynocologist at USC. Gillin, Jacobson, Ellis, Larsen & Lucey, is working to help victims of this horrendous sexual abuse by doctor Tyndall.

If you or someone you love believe you were a victim of Dr. Tyndall’s or another USC staff members inappropriate behavior, you should talk to an attorney right away. Victims may be eligible for compensation due to the negligence of the University. Gillin, Jacobson, Ellis, Larsen & Lucey has recovered millions for clients that were victims of sexual abuse. Call our head attorney handling these cases Attorney Kristin Lucey. At GJEL we offer:

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About The USC Sexual Misconduct Accusations

Anika Narayanan has just completed her junior year at the University of Southern California; she is also an alleged patient-victim of former USC campus health clinic gynecologist Dr. George Tyndall.

Anika spoke to the media on June 12, detailing the shame and humiliation she felt from the sexual misconduct perpetrated by the longtime gynecologist.

Anika was a freshman at the time of her first exam with Dr. Tyndall. She reports feeling immense betrayal from and disappointment in USC for ignoring the many complaints lodged against Dr. Tyndall dating back to 1990.

Anika alleges that Dr. Tyndall, 71, made inappropriate sexually explicit comments to her during her physical exams, would not discuss birth control, and peppered her with multiple questions about her ethnicity.

Anika is one of numerous women patients who have come forward to accuse the campus gynecologist of sexual abuse. Some of the accusations against Dr. Tyndall include him groping their breasts, performing unnecessary digital exams, photographing their private parts, making inappropriate or lewd remarks about the look and feel of their genitalia and discussing how their sexual activity is connected to their ethnicity.

Anika and other women accuse USC of “administrative negligence.” The university and its leaders have failed her and everyone miserably, she contends.

In 2017, Dr. Tyndall quietly stepped down from his position at USC with a financial payout. During his almost 30-year career there, it is estimated he had examined thousands of college students. The scandal that publicly surfaced in May of 2018 has since exploded into multiple accusations against him. Dr. Tyndall previously told the Los Angeles Times that he did nothing sexual or inappropriate to his patients and only performed thorough pelvic examinations. He claims his gynecological exams were justified.

According to a report from the campus hotline, approximately 400 calls have been made by worried patients to the university since the news broke about the Tyndall scandal.

The University of Southern California has admitted wrongdoing coming from at least eight complaints that were lodged against Tyndall between 2000 and 2014. USC did not report the campus gynecologist to the medical board until 2016 when an inquiry into his alleged misconduct had come to light.

USC’s president has also resigned amid the uproar; C.L. Max Nikias was head of one of the nation’s most prominent private institutions of higher learning for eight years. The school is noted for its $5 billion endowment.

Currently, the Los Angeles Police Department is continuing its criminal investigation into the allegations, and the federal government has also since gotten involved. The U.S. Department of Education has launched their own probe into the university.

USC is facing potential liability from the growing number of allegations against Dr. George Tyndall. Attorney Allred is representing Anika Narayanan in a lawsuit against USC and Tyndall. Multiple plaintiffs have joined the court action filed by Allred.

Media reports say there is also a class-action lawsuit in development and complaints filed in court by other law firms.

The USC/Tyndall scandal shares a similar storyline with the Larry Nassar and Michigan State University sexual abuse disgrace. The gymnastics doctor was convicted last January of sexually abusing multiple young women and girls over the years and sent to prison for a lifetime term. The university was accused of a cover-up, and it cost MSU a $500 million settlement to its more than 300 victims and survivors.

So far, Dr. Tyndall has not been charged with any crimes.

Women patients who believe they suffered sexual misconduct or abuse by Dr. George Tyndall are advised to contact a lawyer and the Los Angeles Police Department. Victims can safely report these incidents to the police and to an attorney.

The LAPD department is already working with 50 women in the sweeping investigation of the former USC campus gynecologist, and it encourages any other potential victims to come forward.

Are You A Victim Of Sexual Abuse? Contact GJELL

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