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Woman Injured in Big Rig Truck Accident

GJEL Accident Attorneys’ client was traveling in the left lane along Ygnacio Valley Road in Concord when a big-rig truck from the right lane drifted into her lane. She noticed the truck drifting while she was driving next to it, and began to accelerate to get out of the way, but the truck was drifting too quickly, and the left front end of the truck impacted the right rear end of the client’s car. The truck accident was violent, and a child’s car seat from the back of the client’s car flew through the vehicle and collided with the client’s face and head.

The defendants in this case were the trucking company, the company from which they leased the truck, and the driver of the truck.

The attorneys at GJEL found out from the passenger in the big rig that she and the driver had been arguing for thirty minutes, causing the driver to run two red lights. Further eyewitness accounts confirmed that the truck was the vehicle that had crossed the center line. GJEL worked closely with the client’s treating physicians to recover $992,969.40 for the client in this case.