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Couple Injured in Rear-End Accident Involving Classic Car

GJEL Accident Attorneys represented a married couple involved in a rear-end car accident in their restored classic Mustang convertible in Pittsburg. The couple was at a red light, and the driver of the car behind them failed to notice that traffic in front of her had stopped and proceeded to rear-end the clients’ car.

The defendant in this case was the driver of the car that rear-ended GJEL’s clients. It is unclear how the defendant failed to notice that traffic in front of her was completely stopped.

The collision resulted in a knee injury to one of GJEL’s clients and a back injury to the other. GJEL worked closely with the clients’ treating orthopedic surgeon at Kaiser in order to confirm it was likely they would need significant future medical treatment as well as showing that they would be permanently disabled as a result of the knee and back injuries. GJEL recovered $200,000 for these clients.