GJEL Accident Attorneys recovered $250,000 in a Bay Area sexual harassment case stemming from a supervisor who sexually harassed our client for over two years. You can read the full case summary below:


CASE EEOC v. Sandman, Inc., d/b/a Star Concrete, C0120093

PLAINTIFF ATTORNEY(S) Lucila G.Rosas; EEOC; San Francisco, CA (EEOC) Kristin M. Lucey; Gillin, Jacobson, Ellis

COURT: United States District Court, San Jose E

JUDGE: Edward A. Infante

DATE: 11/7/01

DEFENSE Larsen; Orinda, CA (EEOC) ATTORNEY(S) Judith A. Recchio; Skjerven, Morrill & MacPherson; San Jose, CA (Sandman, Inc., Star Concrete)

Details About This Sexual Harassment Case

A 20-year-old assistant dispatcher for a cement company settled her sexual harassment claim with her employer for $250,000. In October 1996, Monica Olsen was hired as a dispatcher assistant for defendant Sandman Inc., a cement retailer located in San Jose.

A few months into her employment, Olsen claimed that her supervisor, the son of the owner, began sexually harassing her and continued the harassment for nearly two years. The nature of the harassment consisted of vulgar language, requests for sex, innuendos and physical touching. The first time that Olsen complained to the owner, the owner verbally warned the supervisor.

However, the harassment continued and subsequent complaints by Olsen were not addressed by the owner. Also, Olsen experienced retaliation and the supervisor told other co-workers not to talk to her. This made her duties difficult to perform because she needed specific communication from the supervisor that he was not relaying to her.

In November 1998, Olsen quit and thereafter filed a complaint in state and federal courts. Olsen contended that defendant Sandman had no policy on sexual harassment in the workplace. Olsen was sexually harassed without remedy, retaliated against and constructively discharged INJURIES Olsen claimed emotional distress, stress-related injuries and past loss of earnings of more than $50,000. SETTLEMENT The EEOC reported that Sandman Inc. would com­ ply with federal anti-discrimination laws, develop and implement a policy against sexual harassment and retaliation, and provide annual training to supervisors, company officials and employees over the next three years. “This settlement furthers our mission to end sexual harassment in the workplace.

We hope settlements such as this one will encourage victims of discrimination to step forward and file claims with the Commission,” said EEOC Regional Attorney William R. Tamayo. District Director Susan McDuffie noted, “The EEOC is pleased with the company’s willingness to institute policies and make improvements.

When employers commit to comprehensive training programs and maintain clear anti-discrimination polices, everybody benefits.” Judge Edward A. Infante was the assigned judge in the case; Judge Joseph C. Spero was the settlement judge. pursuant to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The defendant argued that under a consent decree filed with the U.S. District Court in San Jose, Sandman admitted no liability for the alleged discrimination but will comply with the terms of the settlement. DEMAND OFFER PLAINTIFF

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