We pride ourselves on jumping on our clients’ cases immediately.  People who are seriously injured, losing work, and running up medical bills do not need an overburdened lawyer who lets their case sit.  At GJEL we do just the opposite.

Due to our extremely low case loads and high staffing ratio, every case gets immediate personal attention.  That personal attention is directed at not only getting the largest monetary result possible, but getting it in the shortest time period possible.

There are several techniques that we employ in this regard, but the key to the speed with which we obtain our results has to do with the fact that we are committed to moving our clients’ cases as quickly as possible.

We put appropriate pressure on insurance companies to do the right thing within a timely period.

We also enlist the help of the courts to move our clients’ cases along quickly.  There is no reason for a case to wait in line on a two year court calendar, if the injured person has a pressing need.

When properly presented, courts are very open to motions to advance cases for early trial dates.  We have made such motions successfully in many cases over the years.

Results that Happen Quickly

The speed and diligence with which we begin to work on your case will be apparent from your first phone call or email to our office–we’ll put you in touch with a GJEL Accident Attorney within minutes of your inquiry.  To schedule a free, immediate consultation with a lawyer at GJEL, simply call us at (866) 218-3776 or email lawfirm@gjel.com.