Cyclists Are Hit By Cars Too Often

GJEL Accident Attorneys has handled many types of bicycle accident cases throughout California. We have had many successful settlements earning millions of dollars from defendants and insurance companies.

We have recovered over $50 Million From Bicycle Accident Cases.

Below are some of the settlement amounts from our bicycle accident cases


    Unsafe Lane Change Accident

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  • $100,000

    Injured cyclist

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  • $110,000

    Cyclist who collided with low hanging tree branch

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  • $180,000

    Cyclist struck while riding on the shoulder

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  • $195,000

    Cyclist ‘doored’ by exiting motorist

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  • $225,000

    Woman injured in car vs. bicycle accident

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  • $300,000

    Cyclist struck by car while riding at night

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  • $325,000

    Victim of ‘right hook’ bicycle accident

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