Sep 16 by Andy Gillin

Safest States for Bicycling

Welcome to May, which marks the first full month of Spring, and the League of American Bicyclists’ National Bike Month. The group will celebrate the month with a variety of programs and events, including Bike-to-Work Week May 16-20, and Bike-to-Work Day on Friday May 20. Here on the GJEL blog, we will be posting a series of in depth blog posts on bicycle safety and bike accident statistics here in California and nationwide. To start off the month, we’ve collected data on the states that have pushed ahead of the pack with strict bicycle safety laws: Oregon, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, California, and Maryland.

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Sep 12 by Andy Gillin

How a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Works

Victims can hold the person who injured them accountable for his or her negligence in court and receive money damages as compensation. But what happens if the victim…

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Jul 26 by Andy Gillin

The Dangers of Texting and Driving

Increasingly, people try to manage the complexity of their lives by multitasking. Whether eating while driving or sending a text message while waiting at an intersection, motorists are…

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Jun 26 by Andy Gillin

Lime and Bird Bring Scooters to Oakland

The Scooter revolution has arrived in Oakland. Over the past week or two, both Lime and Bird have introduced over 300 electric scooters spanning north and west Oakland…

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Jun 20 by Andy Gillin

Top 10 Powerful Legal Documentary Films

People who follow the news in the United States are not strangers to disturbing legal stories that often dominate the headlines. From the Casey Anthony trial that concluded last month, to the Scott Peterson verdict years before, and even the controversial O.J. Simpson murder case nearly 20 years ago, it’s often difficult to avoid the day’s most followed legal stories. But there are thousands of legal stories that go unnoticed each year by much of the general public, or are nearly forgotten years later. In the four following examples, documentary film makers have exposed and revitalized those stories to create powerful documentary films discussing a variety of troubling legal issues. We’ve compiled the trailers for the films Hot Coffee, Capturing the Friedmans, Deliver Us From Evil, and Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father, along with short descriptions and reviews.

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Jun 20 by Andy Gillin

10 Biggest Personal Injury Settlements Ever

The average personal injury settlement is $52,900, according to Martindale-Nolo Research, but the settlement range is $3,000 to $75,000. Thirty percent of claimants receive nothing, while a good…

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Jun 19 by Andy Gillin

TV Lawyers: The Top 20 Attorneys

The film industry is loaded with movies throughout history that have a focus on lawyers and the drama that takes place in the courtroom. Some of the greatest…

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Jun 18 by Ralph L. Jacobson

Who Works for Whom in the Gig Economy?

Does it Matter Why You are Asking? California courts make critical inquiries about the “gig economy” in a wide variety of contexts. Questions encountered include: Who works for…

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Jun 08 by Andy Gillin

Top 25 Causes of Car Accidents in the U.S.

The U.S. sees approximately six million car accidents each year. That breaks down to approximately 15,000 accidents each day. There are about 37,000 crash fatalities each year, or…

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May 07 by Andy Gillin

Redesigning Telegraph Avenue in Temescal

The Telegraph Avenue Complete Streets project has experienced its ups and downs over the past few years. In 2014, the City initiated a community process to reimagine Telegraph…

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