Everyone knows that texting or typing on your cell phone while driving is very dangerous. Last year, distracted driving accounted for 5,500 traffic fatalities and nearly 500,000 injuries nationwide. What’s less known, is that kissing your parter while driving is also incredibly dangerous, and incredibly common. As the Consumer Reports Cars Blog notes today, a report by GfK Roper found that 30 percent of drivers admit to kissing while driving. When it comes to employed drivers who completed higher education, the statistic is even higher: nearly 40 percent.

On a related note, a study conducted last  year found that the second most dangerous driving day on California roads is February 14. This could be because February is typically marred by bad weather in the form of rain and snow. But as it coincides with Valentines day, I can’t help but wonder whether kissing-related distractions are causing some of these accidents. See our California Motor Caution Calendar for more on road safety and local awareness events.

So this comes as a needed reminder that while it’s great to be romantic on Valentines Day, remain careful on city streets and highways, and always avoid the temptation to kiss behind the wheel.

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