Three drivers were killed this Sunday while exchanging contact information following a three-car accident near Los Angeles at 2 a.m. California Highway Patrol officer Anthony Martin confirmed to the press that the drivers of Hyundai, Toyota, and Dodge vehicles were then struck by a third driver, 25 year-old Haik Madoyan, who left the accident with moderate injuries.

The crash victims, whose names were released this morning by the Los Angeles County coroner’s officer, were 24 year-old Santiago Vasquez, 47 year-old Neil Hillan, and 41 year-old Norma Najera-Villeda.  The fourth driver, 30 year-old Antulio Aju, jumped to the right shoulder of the 101 freeway and was not harmed by the second accident. Madoyan was detained by CHP officers, but it has not yet been announced whether he was driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

These tragic deaths serve as an additional reminder that drivers must remain cautious even after an accident has already occurred. The vast majority of accidents happen at night, when drivers are often drowsy and have more trouble seeing their surroundings. If you have the misfortune of being involved in a car accident at any time of day, remember to move away from the road or freeway while talking with other parties involved.

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