Summer is a great season for motorcyclists. Having more daylight hours and better road conditions assures that motorcyclists can take long drives up the California coastline or through the state’s beautiful forest areas. To help with safety, the California Highway Patrol is hosting a series of motorcycle safety courses throughout the state. One of these motorcycle safety sessions will take place in San Jose on June 4th, and will include a live band, great food, and a vehicle demonstration. But that’s just the beginning of a summer packed with motorcycle events throughout California. Check out motorcycle events calendar for more.

Most of the events don’t focus specifically on motorcycle safety. But all include an opportunity to connect with other California motorcyclists, in addition to live music, free food, and group motorcycle rides. Some events, like the Harley-Davidson sponsored Rips Bad Ride on June 5, are one-day events. But others, like the Oregon Lighthouse Road Trip last for four or more days, leading a pack of motorcyclists through California along with camping and additional resources for the ride. Take a look at the motorcycle events calendar for more summer outings.

While the relatively good summer weather improves motorcycle safety, riders should remember that no one has complete control over their own safety. So to prevent against unpredictable accidents and injuries, motorcyclists should consider taking additional precautions, like wearing a motorcycle helmet, and obeying all traffic signs. That way, you’ll be able to make it to as many summer motorcycle events as possible.

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