We’re constantly reminded that teen drivers are the demographic most likely to cause car accidents. Scientific studies on teen brain development show that the brain doesn’t even reach full maturity until the mid-twenties, long after most teenagers receive their license. But during the summer months (May through August), teen drivers hit the road much more often, and are more likely to engage in dangerous driving practices. So before school lets out, take a look at the summer accident statistics for teen drivers, and consider using the vacation to boost driving skills and study for the license tests.

Take a look at the numbers. The summer months account for nearly twice as many teen car accident deaths thank the rest of the year combined, according to the NHTSA. And teen drivers are responsible for about 50 percent more drunk driving accidents during the summer. We’ve developed a comprehensive California Teen Driver Summer Resource on the News Center, complete with more statistics about the dangers of summer driving, suggestions on how to choose a drivers education course, interactive map of California DMV offices to take the driver test, and an interactive calendar of California driver safety events.

Take a look at our summer resource for teen drivers. And share your thoughts and stories in the comments section or on our Facebook page.

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