Cyclists allowed to bring bikes on the BART all day on Fridays during August 1Starting next week, a new pilot program will allow riders to bring bikes on the BART all day on Friday’s during the month of August. The normal blackout times during rush hour and restrictions on bringing bikes into certain stations will be waived, as the BART attempts to determine the impact a more lax set of rules will have on passengers and train operations. However, normal rules regarding keeping bikes out of the first car and crowded trains will continue to remain in place.

In a press release issued by BART, Board Member Robert Raburn says the pilot program is taking a page from New York’s playbook, stating, “In New York, bikes are allowed, with the caveat for passengers to be courteous and to use common sense.” BART Board Vice President Tom Radulovich states, “The bicycling community, particularly the East Bay and San Francisco Bicycle Coalitions, have been instrumental in helping us design this pilot project. Issues surrounding lifting the restrictions have been long-debated inside BART. I’m happy to see that we’re now about to put the idea to the test.”

The program will be evaluated each Friday by using feedback from both cyclists and non-cyclists, as well as analysis of operational issues. The goal is to use the pilot program as a means of evaluating whether it makes sense to continue restricting bikes during peak periods or begin relaxing the existing regulations.

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