One of the most common objections to wearing a bike helmet is that it’s simply not portable. Once you’ve arrived at your destination and chained your bike to the rack, you’re still stuck lugging around a helmet that’s often clunky enough to become a real nuisance. Now, a Kickstarter project from Closca is attempting to offer a solution for commuter cyclists hoping to blend safety and portability. Their product: a collapsible bike helmet.

As the project’s page states, “Closca collapsible bike helmets merge fashion and safety in one cool bundle.” Unlike the “invisible helmet” that we previously mocked for being more trouble than it’s worth, the foldable bike helmet has a low profile design that actually makes sense for urban cyclists.

So far the project has generated over $41,000 in funding and is closing in on its $45,000 goal. The helmet is compliant with European safety standards (EN 1078) and offers six unique covers and two different styles for riders to choose from.

You can see a short video of the helmet in action below:

While it’s unlikely foldable helmets will replace their more traditional counterpart, the design is intriguing and the new product does offer a decent option for riders who’d much rather toss a helmet in their backpack than carry it around wherever they go. Plus, anything that gets more people wearing helmets is always fine by us.

With just over a week to go in its campaign, it seems likely the project will reach its goal. However, if you’re interested in supporting their endeavor be sure to donate before the fundraising period ends on July 20th.

Via Refinery 29
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