When it comes to cycling, using the proper hand signals is an essential element of making sure you’re riding safely. Now, a new helmet created by Exertion Games Lab is trying to make it even easier for cyclists to let surrounding vehicles know what they’re about to do.

The LumaHelm, currently a prototype, allows riders to not only protect themselves from potential head injuries but also convey information to surrounding drivers. The LED display can be utilized as a turn indicator that is activated when a rider tilts their head in the direction they intend to turn. It can also be used as a brake light, illuminating when the rider lifts their head to safely signal the traffic behind them that they intend to stop.

You can see a demonstration of how the LumaHelm works in the videos below:

In addition to the safety implications for cyclists, the creators of the LumaHelm are hoping the high impact display can have some recreational applications as well. They’re exploring the possibility of working with skateboarders and performers to coordinate the helmet’s flashing lights with music.

Obviously the helmet’s unusual look might alienate many cyclists who place fashion over function. However, the idea of allowing riders to communicate their intentions with surrounding traffic safely and efficiently is an intriguing one. It will be interesting to see how this product develops over the coming months, and whether other manufacturers might begin attempting to replicate this idea.

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