The Fog City Journal is reporting that an accident involving two Muni F-Line streetcars and an SUV has left six people hurt, two of whom were hospitalized.

According to the FCJ, at 5:46 pm, a streetcar traveling westbound on Market Street in the Castro, rear ended a westbound Nissan Pathfinder, crushing the SUV into the back of another streetcar. Witnesses said the Muni driver had been distracted while talking with a passenger moments before applying his emergency breaks to avoid the crash.

This is the second Muni crash in only a matter of weeks, following the rather major Muni light rail crash that happend on July 18th that left 50 injured.

With news of these accidents, many regular Muni riders are wondering if rates will go up again, though they were just increased not that long ago. They’re also questioning the safety of the Muni system.

I wonder if Muni will go through any changes because of these accidents? Will drivers be given different, more thorough training? Will there be more frequent reviews of their performance? How can we keep drivers from being distracted, like this driver was, or like the driver in the recent L.A. train crash who was texting while driving?

Photo by David Waggoner, via the Fog City Journal

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